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I didn't really engage in any meaningful way with the questions last week, so I didn't respond to them.  Here are this week's, though...

1) What kind of altar tools do you like?
I have a lot of things on my altar that mean a lot to me, and that bring me peace and joy.  So I suppose that in a sense those are tools.  But I don't use ritual tools the way many Pagans seemingly do (no athame, for instance, no wands).  Sometimes I'll symbolically share a drink, but if I do, then I just put what I'm drinking on the altar for a bit while we converse.  There's really no one particular special cup for the purpose.

2) Would you go (or have you gone) on a religious pilgrimage?
Sometimes I spend a lot of time outside, for days and days, without sleeping under a roof, if that counts.

3) How do you decorate for seasonal holidays?
I have a carved wooden wheel of the year that I rotate depending on which sabbat is coming up next, but that's about it.  The world decorates itself naturally for the season, which is enough for me.  I appreciate people who take the time to decorate with appropriately harvested plants, or handmade crafts from natural materials, but killing things just to bring them into my house for my visual appetite seems wrong, and seeing others buy things made of plastic or other materials with a heavy-environmental impact really turns my stomach.

4) Do you connect Paganism to the/a feminist movement?
I personally do not.  But I understand why many people do.

5) How much do you share your religion with your spouse/romantic partner(s), if any?
He is agnostic, bordering more and more on atheist.  We don't share my religion much.  Which is fine, since it's personal.  That said, he has a very difficult time with winter, particularly given that we live in northern climes with far less light come Yule, so he and I do have a shared tradition of celebrating the winter solstice, because it holds hope and meaning for him as well.


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